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The Restroom of the Future: Designing Connected, User Friendly, and Sustainable Commercial Restrooms


1 Hour

About the Course

The A&D industry, plumbing manufacturers, and municipalities are conducting a great deal of research and development into technological advancements, sustainable features, design trends, and the social implications of today’s commercial restrooms. The Internet of Things (IoT) facilitates sweeping changes to restrooms of the future, and sustainability initiatives are pushing energy efficiency and water conservation to the forefront of restroom design. This course will discuss these issues and more, including forward thinking restroom designs and innovative technologies that will help you design connected, user friendly, and sustainable commercial restrooms.

Learning Objectives:

1. Review the three “I’s” Intelligence, Insights, and Interaction that IoT facilitates and the role that IoT plays in privacy and sustainability.

2. Describe why IoT will become more prominent in commercial restrooms.

3. Understand how IoT can improve user experience and sustainability in restrooms of the future.

4. Examine how to improve wellness and sustainability through forward thinking restroom design and innovative technology.

Method of Delivery:

The course is offered to architectural, design, and engineering professionals in a breakfast, lunch and learn, or after hours setting. The course is presented in PowerPoint.

Cost to Participants:

There is no cost for this program. The course is sponsored by the manufacturer and therefore is offered at no cost. A course attendance document will be presented to attendees for use in filing for CEUs.


0.1 IDCEC CEU, 0.1 or 1 PDH, ASPE CEU

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