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Selecting Plumbing Fixtures for Commercial Restrooms in Healthcare Facilities


1 Hour

About the Course

Healthcare facilities deal with diverse challenges, from the transmission of infectious diseases to the growing population of bariatric patients; they can help address these challenges and provide a healthier, safer environment through the use of specialized plumbing products and features. This learning unit provides an overview of technologies and products specific to healthcare settings, discusses ADA requirements and reviews products that enhance the safety and comfort of patients and visitors.

Learning Objectives:

1. Understand infectious disease control and implications of Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs).

2. Explain the importance of washing hands, and describe the pros and cons of various approaches, including hand dryers vs. paper towels and sensor-activated (hands-free) vs. manual products.

3. List implications of unique plumbing products designed for healthcare facilities, including bed pan washers, toilets with bed pan lugs, surgeon stainless steel sinks, clinic service sinks and bariatric water closets.

4. Describe how compliance with ADA regulations affects commercial restroom product selection.

Method of Delivery:

The course is offered to architectural, design and engineering professionals in a breakfast, lunch and learn or after hours setting. The course is presented in PowerPoint


Cost to Participants:

There is no cost for this program. The course is sponsored by the manufacturer and therefore is offered at no cost.

A course attendance document will be presented to attendees for use in filing for CEUs.


0.1 IDCEC CEU, 0.1 or 1 PDH, ASPE CEU

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