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Maximizing Water Efficiency for Sustainable Restroom Design


1 Hour

About the Course

This course is designed to help attendee’s stay current regarding the latest water-efficient technologies. Sloan’s water efficiency course will educate on building water conservation concerns and issues with special considerations to the designer’s requirements. We will discuss today’s innovative, water-efficient plumbing systems that make water conservation attainable and help achieve sustainable building goals. This will also include leading plumbing innovations such as high-performance high efficiency water closets, state of the art solar powered plumbing fixtures, and fractional flushing urinals

Learning Objectives:

1. Review facts about water and water use in the U.S.

2. Understand the movement toward “Green Building” and programs that outline ways to save water.

3. Review the LEED rating system and how it applies to water efficiency.

4. Educate on water resources around the world.

5. Describe different water conservation legislation.

6. Learn specific green design restroom applications.

7. Look at water usage per industry.

8. Talk about fixture performance testing.

9. List the benefits of High Efficient fixtures.

10. Learn what to look for when choosing water saving products.

Method of Delivery:

The course is offered to architectural, design and engineering professionals in a breakfast, lunch and learn or after hours setting. The course is presented in PowerPoint.

Cost to Participants:

There is no cost for this program. The course is sponsored by the manufacturer and therefore is offered at no cost.

A course attendance document will be presented to attendees for use in filing for CEUs.


0.1 IDCEC CEU, 0.1 or 1 PDH, ASPE CEU

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