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Designing Commercial Restrooms With Hygiene, Safety, and Wellness in Mind


1 Hour

About the Course

Almost 80% of Americans spend time in a commercial restroom weekly, and it’s important to prioritize the spaces we often use. It’s an essential space to our busy lives and should cater to our values of cleanliness, safety, efficiency, and durability. In this course, participants will learn about designing the ultimate commercial restroom. The course will discuss the essential items of a commercial restroom and the questions to ask in order to specify the right products. We will review in detail the importance of a proper toilet seat and the benefits it offers to the users and maintenance staff. Finally, participants will explore installation guidelines and requirements to create the ultimate commercial restroom that promotes health, hygiene, safety, and wellness.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand occupant values in a commercial restroom and the applications which will elevate the safety, durability, and cleanliness of the environment

  • Identify factors in a commercial bathroom that can enhance occupant health, safety, and welfare

  • Discuss important safety technologies for toilets and toilet seats in commercial settings

  • Learn how to create safe, accommodating public restrooms through ADA requirements and Universal Design principles

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