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Clarifying Product Transparencies – Life Cycle Assessment, Environmental &
HPD and Declare Labels


1 Hour

About the Course

Product transparency reports like Environmental Product

Declarations, Health Product Declarations and Declare Labels help meet this

challenge. This course will discuss how these tools collectively provide information about

the environmental performance and impact of products and offer an objective means

of comparing similar products.

Learning Objectives:

1. Examine the need to reduce the environmental impact of buildings and the global

demand for product transparency in the building industry

2. Understanding what a Life Cycle Assessment is and why it's the foundation for an

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

3. Review EPDs, HPDs and Declare Labels, and understand how those reports are


4. Understand how to find product transparency reports and how manufacturers are

using the data

Method of Delivery:

The course is offered to architectural, design and engineering professionals in a

breakfast, lunch and learn or after hours setting. The course is presented in PowerPoint.

Cost to Participants:

There is no cost for this program. The course is sponsored by the manufacturer and

therefore is offered at no cost. A course attendance document will be presented to

attendees for use in filing for CEUs.


0.1 IDCEC CEU, 0.1 or 1 PDH, ASPE CEU

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